Good Machine People-Oriented
Site installation training equipment Division
I received your receipt of the notice, two working days will send professional engineers to debug the machine home, help your company 2 ~ 3 equipment engineer equipment, commissioning, maintenance training, to ensure that equipment operation and stability and skilled operator can operate independently commissioning and routine maintenance of equipment.

The whole one-year warranty warranty period
the warranty free of charge, identified as the quality of the parts can be replaced free of charge.

All days services
the day after-sales service department 7 × 24 hours to accept service information, two hours to respond, according to the actual situation, automatic equipment, if after telephone communication is still not resolved, we will promptly arrange engineer home address, to ensure that you can normal use.

Easy to service
the company has specialized services facilitate the service sector, regularly calling clients to understand the use of the machine, and if problems are detected, the relevant personnel responsible for handling and timely feedback. We have a dedicated sales engineers each year, more than half of their time traveling around the country visiting customers, understand customer use cases to help customers make better use of machines.f

The device lifetime maintenance
the device lifetime maintenance warranty repair, charge nominal fee; lifelong supply of spare parts, lifetime technical support.

FREE upgrades
FREE upgrades free for blood collection equipment control software upgrade, while our client devices will provide periodic adjustments, and free telephone technical support.

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