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Swab Tube

Swab Tube

As the largest Swab Tube manufacturer in china, H-Dynamic sales quality Swab Tube to customers all over the world.

Introduction & Advantage
These Microbiological Swabs Tubed with label are ideal and are designed for forensic use, assuring optimal evidence and biological collection.BMS Cotton swabs tube divided into long cotton swab tube and short cotton swab  tube.according to the lid color,the kinds and numbers of the cotton,the long swab tube classify 3 sorts.there is only
one stype for short swab tube.For all kinds,customized label is available.

1. Suitable for collection and transport of non-human bacteriological, serological and cytological samples
2. Also useful for hygienic controls in food industry as well as in environmental field
3. The swab tubes provide the flexibility to address many types of sample collection and preparation
4. Wrapped in convenient peel pouch format
5. Polystyrene swab tubes are clear like glass
6. Tubes have the properties of glass but will have minor scratches
7. Sterilized

NO. Part Name Description Material Internal
1 Swab-in-Tube(Short) 17*100mm absorbent cotton PS BASF 158K 15.7±0.03mm gamma ray
2 Swab-in-Tube(Short) natural color LDPE YPC 2426H 21.40±0.1mm gamma ray
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