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Inoculation Loop

Inoculation Loop

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Introduction & Advantage
Inoculating loops & needles are designed for quantitative procedures such as sampling, serial dilutions, as well as for bacterial inoculation. Ideal for anaerobic microbiology applications where deep agar inoculation is required.They are smooth and flexible to facilitate uniform and smooth streaking without damaging the gel surface.Needles are straight and suitable for removal of specimens of single colonies. Disposable inoculating loops and needles do not need flaming and thus eliminate the risk of infection due to aerosol formation of pathogenic substances. Cross-contamination due to improper sterilization is eliminated. Packed sterile in safe, tamperproof, zip-seal resealable bags.

1. Precision moulded.
2. Disposable: non-toxic.
3. Gamma radiation sterilized.
4. Color-coded for product identification.
5. Available with 2 inoculating volume of 1 μL and 10 μL.
6. Made with polystyrene (PS)and high impact polystyrene(HIPS).
Item no. Part no. Description Material Color Packing bag
1 22363597 10ul loop+needle HIPS Natural yellow Zip bag
2 22363607 10ul loop+needle PS Transparent yellow
3 22363602 10ul loop+1ul loop HIPS Natural Zip bag
4 22363599 10ul loop+needle PS Transparentblue Zip bag
5 22363606 10ul loop+needle PS Transparent yellow
6 22363600 10ul loop+needle HIPS Natural yellow Paper-Poly Pouch
7 22363601 10ul loop+needle HIPS Natural
8 22363605 10ul loop+needle PS Transparent yellow
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