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Cell Strainer

Cell Strainer

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Introduction & Advantage
Cell strainers are manufactured from a strong nylon mesh with evenly spaced mesh pores and gamma resistant. These cell strainers are sterile, rapid, easy-to-use devices for isolating primary cells to consistently obtain a uniform single-cell suspension from tissues. Protect your valuable flow cytometry and cell sorting instrumentation by reliably removing clumps and debris from cell suspensions and clinical samples prior to analysis.

1.Available in 3 mesh sizes, 40 µm, 70 µm, and 100 µm.
2.3 different colors: bule,white, and yellow, for easy identification.
3.Improved uniformity of single cell suspensions
4.Made of a strong nylon mesh with evenly spaced mesh pores.
5.The extended lip on the strainer enables aseptic handling with forceps.
6.Design to fit perfectly into a 50ml conical tube.
7.Ready-to-use, sterilized by gamma irradiation.
8.Individually packaged.

1.Universal fit for compatibility with all 50mL conical tubes
2.Provide a fast, simple alternative to gauze filtration when dissociating cells from clumps or primary tissues
3.Produce more uniform single-cell suspensions
4.Polypropylene frame with nylon mesh
6.Individually packed

Item No. Product Name Material Color Packing Way
22363547 Sterile Cell Strainer (40 μm Nylon Mesh) PP-X50109 blue 1 pcs/PO bag,50 pcs/case
22363548 Sterile Cell Strainer (70 μm Nylon Mesh) PP-X50109 white 1 pcs/PO bag,50 pcs/case
22363549 Sterile Cell Strainer (100 μm Nylon Mesh) PP-X50109 yellow 1 pcs/PO bag,50 pcs/case
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